A Look At Pokemon Black & White Walking Gameplay

Pokémon Black & White is the completely new Pocket Monster series that will be out later this year. We have already seen the first screenshots. But screenshots don't move. Gameplay does.

Japan's Sunday morning kiddy show Pokémon Sunday provided the first look (and super brief look) at gameplay. And by gameplay, we mean walking through the city. Look how the cityscape rotates! This is a fresh take on traditional Pokémon gameplay. A welcomed fresh take, too.

Pokémon Black & White Footage From Pokémon Sunday [Siliconera]


    It takes them 3 generations to finally add that feature???

    Okay, i'll let Gold & Silver slide, no one really expected anything like that. But ever since the series came to the Gameboy Advance and every game released since, its just been added colour and thats about it. The graphics are still the same pretty much.

    I do love the series - but seriously! Either way it works for them cause they sell so well - but its really just lazy development. This will probably be the only new addition, minus the new Pokemon. Then we will put up with that for Black & White and then remakes of god knows what until a NEW generation lets you FINALLY have MORE than ONE game save!!!!

    Just release it on console in 3D already!

      Beyond just the graphics I could do with some new game mechanics too. Enough with the grinding, and simply choosing a super effective pokemon to win a match.

      It's depressing really how little generations 3 and 4 have added compared to 2. 2 brought so much to the table: day/night cycles, breeding, natures, item holding, roaming legendaries, etc.
      Then generation 3 brought in... Double battles and minigames. And generation 4 brought in more minigames.

        Exactly. Looking back, it shocks me that those terrific changes were made in Gold & Silver.
        Nintendo probably thought, oh well people just went nuts for the new Pokemon and decided they wouldn't add drastic changes to BENEFIT the game cause people will buy it anyway.

        Yeah fair enough, the formula worked and still works - but doesn't mean it needs a change or that fans don't WANT a change. It's also VERY weird that the Pokemon games rank quite well with the critics - like i said i do like the series and they are fun games, but they are just the same thing. If the critics (looking at the Japs mainly) actually reviewed the game properly by saying "Eh the usual" maybe THEN Nintendo would listen and change it. Having bad reviews makes a game look bad - something Nintendo don't want with Pokemon. If thats what it takes for them to freaking change the game, please do it!

        Besides, like i said, CONSOLE RELEASE! I'm even more surprised Pokemon hasn't been milked the way Mario is and it hasn't made the jump the console as a proper 3D RPG.

    I didn't realise Adolf was that excited about the new Pokemon games

    Wow, they are really serious about their pokemon, aren't they?

    *Casually walking down street*


    This stuff is like feeding Japenese children candy through their eyeballs.

    woah look at how detailed those sprites are........ *cough*

    People have been less excited about Crysis 2.

    The japanese enthusiasm for poorly rendered 3D and pixellarted sprites is bizarre.

    i want it when does it come out in aus?

    I know im not only one but i would like to see the game follow the tv series as well as adding the orange league(they never made a game for that), like have brock and misty follow you then leave when you go to the new continent and the next person/people join you(and brock rejoins aswell) and so on and you get to pick a new starter pokemon when you go see the professor in the next continent or get the other starter pokemon like in the show, i think that would make the game more interesting and fun.

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