A Magazine For Boys Who Dress Like Girls Invites Cross Dressing

New Japanese comic publication WAaI! boys in skirts is hoping to capitalise on the video game, anime and cosplay trend of young men dressing up like young women. Even one professional fighter is into it!

The first issue will introduce anime that feature characters in drag as well as video games like Atchi Muite Koi (NSFW) and Cross Days, which features a cross-dressing protagonist. (The game also features a most not-safe-for-work peripheral.)

If that wasn't enough, the publication's debut issue will also be bundled with schoolgirl athletic shorts in a "large" size. Large enough for a man, but good enough for a woman. Or something. Well, nobody's perfect!

For gamers, Bridget from Guilty Gear is one of the most famous male characters dressed up as a female. Some gamers don't even know that she's a he!

Last spring, a gaming cafe-slash-dinner bar called "NEWTYPE" opened in Akihabara — with the term "new type" coming from Gundam and referring to a newtype of human evolution. According to website Akibanana, the staff is made up of otoko no musume ("male daughters"). On week nights, NEWTYPE holds multi-player PSP gaming sessions and even has loaner copies for PSP-less customers.

WAaI! boys in skirts vol. 1 goes on sale April 24, priced at ¥1,200 (US$13).

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