A New Crime For Xbox Live: Witness Tampering

We've heard of sexual predators using Xbox Live as a means to stalk their prey and the rare school shooting threat made over the Xbox 360 online network. But tampering with a witness sounds like a new one.

According to a report from the New Haven Register, Anthony Hayward of Hamden, Connecticut was arrested on charges of "tampering with a witness, intimidating a witness and two counts of second-degree harassment", all based on messages sent via Xbox Live. Those messages include "I wouldn't laugh 2 much U a dead man walking" and "Rats die slow."

Those threats were allegedly made to a material witness in a case against Hayward, who was free on bail following gun and drug possession charges. Hayward turned himself into police, according to the report, but has not yet posted bail on his latest charges.

Milford cops say threat made through Xbox [New Haven Register - thanks, Minhly!]


    Had the witness in question played gears of war or halo online recently? Might be a misunderstanding based on the usual online dick behaviour...

      Bad behaviour is bad behaviour, regardless where it takes place.

    I think we're missing the main issue here - how did the Perp get the gamertag of the witness?

    Well chances are they already know each other and had gamed before. So it's simply an extension of cyber bullying you se on Myspace and facebook - just this time with the added advantage of the witness tampering tag.

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