A New Look At Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

Given Castlevania: Lords of Shadow star Gabriel Belmont's situation in the screen shot above, we'd offer the advice "Don't look down." But if you want to see how the new PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 game is shaping up, do just that.

The Mercury Steam-developed game with the Hideo Kojima touch is still coming this year, looking prettier than ever—at least prettier than any 3D Castlevania game that we've ever seen. Hold tight for our forthcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow impressions while you bask in the high resolution glory of new media.


    This is totally my opinion but the screenshots above look alot like rush detail, the woods just got a heap of lines on it, the water effects are unbelievably similar and i believe it just doesnt have the Castlevania look to it.

    Its too bright and sunny for my liking, not only did the haunted castle give the game atmosphere it was also STORMING outside in the pitchblack thunder and rain, shining scenes like the first pic is like a disfigured piece in the grand jigsaw.

    I have a feeling this won't end up being like Castlevania at all but more of an action game like Darksiders or God of War.

    Castlevania in 3D just doesn't work.

      Funny. I remember the words 'Metroid will never work in 3d!!!' Look how that turned out...

      Castlevania could EASILY work in 3d. It's a haunted castle, a warrior with a whip and some weaponry traversing it, fighting monsters in a fun environment. The thing is if you try to change the 2dgameplay straight into 3d you're going to fail immensely as it'll be a fairly boring game, so you have to do something new, change it up like Metroid did. Then you'll have a potential hit on your hands.

        Haven't played the other 3D Castlevania games, then?

          Course I have. They were shite. However I also keep in mind they were other halfassed developers. This is Kojima who has nothing but an eye for quality.

            I also played all the bond games before Goldeneye, they were shite too, then we got a great one...

    I think this is going to be a game best judged by its own merits, rather than how it compares to the 2D Castlevania entries.

    What's been shown so far looks nice enough, with a little from column God of War and a little from column Metroid.

      Am I the only person who liked Castlevania 64?

      ...really? Nobody else?

      Oh well, more nostalgia for me.

    It looks like Jake!tm in Castlevania: The Vamps of Time.


    Can't we just have a really pretty 2D Castlevania 4 (SNES)or Rondo (PC Engine CD) sequel? One of those, I could get excited about.

    Konomi should make a deal with us that if this fails they take a page out of Capcoms book and do a 'Megaman' with castlevania. old school 16-bit castlevania game is WIN

    Castlevania in 3d doesn't work? Castlevania Lament of Innocence on PS2 was pretty fun (and had GREAT music). I think Castlevania fans need to give this a chance. Whether it fails or is a success, it doesn't matter. The main thing is that they are trying something new. Honestly, the 2D Castlevania games are becoming like the Pokemon games, nothing but sloppy sequals that add nothing new to the series.
    Fingers crossed this game has a good story, and great gameplay!

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