A New Look At Vanquish, From The Creator Of Resident Evil

Are you excited yet about Vanquish, the third-person shoot 'em up from Bayonetta and Madworld studio Platinum Games? Did we mention it's from the guy who made God Hand? And did you see these new screen shots?

Game director Shinji Mikami's latest may feature familiar shooting action—with, apparently, a Bayonetta style "Witch Time"-like time-slowing effect dubbed "Augmented Reality Mode"—and super-suit attired soldier Sam, but Vanquish looks like a higher-speed take on your standard action game. A look at these new Vanquish screens shows off big bosses, bad-ass futuristic knee slides and developer Platinum's expertise with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 hardware.

Vanquish is supposed to be out in 2010—at least in Japan.


    I hate being negative, but... looks a little generic to me :(

      I agree. The trailer made it look like something out of the ordinary, the screens look generic.

      Looks pretty damn close to identical to The Scourge Project :S

    The awesome trailer got me excited. For some reason these screens have made me change my mind. I can't quite pick it though.

      Do you think maybe its the armour?
      In the trailer, it was pure white.

      Here...it looks like any other boring grey suit.

    It looks like a run and gun shooter, where you have to rely on speed as much as cover.
    Considering how generic cover shooters are becoming, I'm excited about this one.
    It looks fun.

    It looks nice, but is it actually going to be different from most other stuff on the market?

    Cover and bullet time are not new...

    I think it might be a little style over substance.

    I swear they are trying to make the Japanese equal to Halo... but a 3rd person game instead... It has abit of a Crysis look also...

    Despite it looking generic, it looks a very polished generic and still keen to check it out as I don't mind God Hand...

    Anyone else reckon this looks rather like Too Human?

    Why not God Hand 2?

    This game looks generic by "any" standards, but given its being developed by Platinum makes it doubly so. Completely disappointing.

    The poses combined with shooting reminds me of P.N.03.

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