A New Silent Hill Coming From A Brand New Developer

There's a new Silent Hill game in the works at a new developer and it's coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation and PC. Beyond that details on the next entry in Konami's psychological horror series are hazy.

According to 1UP, the next Silent Hill game is being developed by Czech studio Vatra Games, the third studio to take the reins to the series since 2004's Silent Hill 4: The Room. In the likely event that you've never heard of Vatra, the studio describes itself as "built from both industry veterans and new talent", led by Matthew Seymour, formerly of Take Two and Microsoft Game Studios

Another report from Joystiq implies that the game may be based on Silent Hill 2 and speculates that another re-imagining of a previous game a la Silent Hill: Shattered Memories could be in the works.

With Silent Hill veteran Akira Yamaoka moving on to greener pastures at Grasshopper Manufacture and an all-new developer on the job, we'll be interested to see what Konami has to show at E3 this year.

Konami Announces the Next Silent Hill [1UP]


    Oh crap :(

    Why cant the original devs take it back and ban other studios from making their game?

      Konami had little choice, Team Silent dissolved after Silent Hill 4, that’s why the development went to other studios.

      Team Silent disbanded on their own before and after Silent Hill 4: The Room. they're not going to make another because they never wanted to.

      Yeah, exactly what I was thinking, the other studios have been ruining the series since sh4. Besides you can't have Silent Hill without Yamaoka, it just wouldn't feel right.

    as long as Yamaoka still does the music - as he's been quoted as saying he'd still be happy to do, then I am OK with it.

    Good to see PS1 is getten a new game, been a while...

    SIlent hill 5 was an atrocity. Shattered Memories is closer.
    It seems like KOnami are trying developer after developer to see who can get it right.

      There was no Silent Hill 5. Konami were very careful not to label Homecoming as SH5 - it was only the gaming media that labelled it SH5

    Pfft, who cares? This is a lost cause. I'm just going to fire up my old Xbox and play The Room again.

    I'm going to remain open-minded before I say this is yet another tragic turn in the state of Silent Hill games. There's a number of games from Eastern Europe which have produced far more authentic and original horror than Western options.

    Taking the cues from Silent Hill 2 is also a good sign, though this has if I recall been said about other Silent Hills and it wasn't entirely true. If they manage to implement Silent Hill 2's separation of puzzle and action difficulty, I will consider one major box well and truly ticked. The other box which will need to be ticked is the thematic imagery. Silent Hill is partially a product of the mind and it has representations of the character which are both subtle and deep. James Sunderland and Silent Hill 2 are again the marker here as we see the transformation of nurses into sexualised beings and a consequent expression of his sexual repression. I realise this isn't obvious, but it's the nuances which gave this series depth.

    Survival Horror is about tension and not how many shots it takes to kill a particular monster. The sequence in Silent Hill 3 after entering the church was a particularly memorable transition to the otherworld through corridors which forced you to run as they set on fire, then solidified, instilling very real claustrophobia and panic as you had no idea which way to run.

    Haunting Ground also has this atmosphere right, with the main character almost unable to engage in combat and the game being more about the need to hide yourself in places the monsters won't look. This creates a serious fear of being found and slaughtered which limited ammunition and breakable golf clubs simply don't extend to.

    Horror stems from the fear created by the partial unknown. Terror stems from being forced to confront that. Everything else is just not true to the idea of survival horror and is more like an action game in a horror setting.

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