A Shocking Naughty Bear-Style Execution

After months of teaser trailers and bizarre dream sequences, we finally get a chance to see Naughty Bear practising his murderous ways. It's like Friday the 13th, only with teddy bears.

I think it's an apt description, judging by what little gameplay we get to see here. Artificial Mind and Movement has created an interactive teddy bear slasher flick. Naughty Bear is the shunned outsider who finally snaps, taking out those who wronged him in various diabolical ways. Replace the dancing bear with a half-naked female co-ed at Camp Crystal Lake, slap a hockey mask on Naughty B, and you've got an interactive '80s horror film.

Naughty Bear is heading to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in June. Be afraid.


    So it's Manhunt... with teddy's?

      As infantile as it sounds, i would not stop laughing if i saw a teddy take a drill to the crotch

    When do we get to see the Teletubby mod?

    Looks fun, although EB want $100 for it on their site.
    The graphics seem to be lacking, his head just goes through the wall.

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