A Sneak Peek At The New Kotaku Redesign

As seen on Wonder Tonic's Geocities-izer.

[Thanks Ben!]


    Add in afew 'Under Construction' animated gifs and it'll be right :)

    My work database software was just updated today coincidentally.

    So the Iron Man 2 ads are the only things it adds? :confused:


      - Annoying midi tune
      - Black background with ridiculous sparkling stars gif
      - Bright green font

        Haha, you forgot erectile dysfunction pop-ups

    I love it! Geocities FTW!

    Weird to see the same links on my Facebook and on Kotaku :P My personal blog site looks AMAZING when transformed.

    I can't wait!

    I think i'll stick to my adblock plus version. So nice and clean.

      oh yeah!
      we cant afford bullshit data from ads here in au.
      ABP= best plugin ever!

    Need marquee texts!!! Lots of em! And GIFs, and neon fonts, and spinny email icon. How about a page counter at the end plus a guestbook?

    Thank God for Ad Block on Firefox.

      Agreed, I've been using it so long my first thought was "gah! look at those banners!" before realising the joke was actually in the article formatting...

      I honestly don't think I could read Kotaku with those sitting there, and it's not because I'm against advertising, but because it's just visually offensive.

    Well, at least the popup "share" thing won't get in my way this way...

      I hate the damn share button. I wish there was a way to remove it completely from all sites.
      Its worse when it pops up and doesnt close.
      Its always pops up over important buttons and links. Very frustrating.

        The Greasemonkey plugin should be able to help with that, some code to find the div class="share" and do a bit of style.display="none" =)

    Kotaku AU was one of the first websites I tried it out on. =P

    More gif'ed amine girls bouncing around would be a plus

    So larger ads and text? Gee awesome...

    Sorry to be a sour puss.

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