A Video Tour Of The Ultimate Super Mario Beer Pong Table

Incapacitated with a broken ankle Dan Byckalo decided to spend his time doing something a bit more productive than spying on neighbours from his bedroom window: He built a Super Mario Bros 3 beer pong table.

To be more accurate, the 1.8m-long table can serve as both a surface for playing Beer Pong on and for playing Flip Cup, both at the same time if you'd like.

In this video, Byckalo walks us through the 100-hour process to create the table, which features the eight worlds from the game, all enemies (each world has 10 enemies, two items and a Mario), seven Koopa Kids and Bowser on a castle at either end of the table and the seven Kings in the centre of the table.

To play Flip Cup, players take up residence on each of the worlds, facing off against one another. To play Beer Pong, players set up at opposite ends of the table, placing the cups over the castles, starting with Bowser's face.

Byckalo created the table by printing out the images of the worlds, the items and the creatures as 4x6 photos and then manually cutting each out, ensuring that he followed the erratic lines created by the pixels.

The end result, as Byckalo puts it, is "simply awesome".

[Thanks Matt for tipping us off about your friend's creation.]


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