A Who's Who Of Who's Having The Biggest Impact On Games

Steve Jobs? You've probably heard of him. Same with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. But what about the other 48 people on Game Developer's list of "most important contributors to the current state of the game industry"?

Game Developer's list of the 50 people attached to "important accomplishments of the last year (give or take) [..]in the categories of art, design, programming, business, and evangelism" isn't limited to high powered executives at multi-billion dollar companies like Apple and Nintendo. It's the little guys too, from Jenova Chen of Flower developer ThatGameCompany to Tim Schafer at Double Fine, makers of last year's Brutal Legend.

These are important people doing important things, like making video games, establishing conventions and charities based on video games and people who make things like FarmVille. Want to win your next geeky dinner party? Get to know these people.

The Game Developer 50 [Gamasutra]


    Flower is just a one person racing game with no timer... Its really not that special.

      Which just goes to show that you so don't get it. Oh well, it's not for everyone I guess

        What's not to get? Games are games. If they don't offer challenge or competition then what's the point? They aren't high art with a deeper meaning (since games don't offer the authoritative control for it), they are an interactive medium. Go look at art if you want deeper meaning, games aren't the place for it.

        It is pretty lousy as a music game too. The beats hardly go well... The only thing I can see it being used for it pure relexation after smoking something you shouldn't be smoking. The game is inconstant because if you mess up it is going to take a while to get back on track instead of a smoothness it SHOULD be giving me, and that bugs me to no end.

        That messing up itself ruins the music and tone of the game. It is like, "sailing through the wind... ohhh... this is nice... BAM miss a flower, or darn ambience is ruined and have to frustratingly move the controller to get back to where you were." It isn't good game design.

        Overall, the game is just artsy that people gave awards to it just for being slightly different... Even if the differences still made it meaningless to gaming history in general.

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