Activision Dividing Modern Warfare 2’s Booty

Activision Dividing Modern Warfare 2’s Booty

Activision community man (and former games writer) Dan Amrich has taken to Facebook to chat with people about his employer’s recent public relations issues. I don’t think he’s helping things.

Attempting to shed light on the legal mess surrounding the fate of bonus payments due to Activision staffers who worked on Modern Warfare 2, Amrich writes:

Vince and Jason had very large bonuses; those bonuses are being redistributed to everybody else, to the people who did not allegedly attempt to steal company secrets. (Please see Activision’s countersuit for details about Vince and Jason’s surreptitious attempts to photocopy and scan sensitive documents.) Activision is not pocketing that bonus money; it’s still going to the people who work at IW. But you have to work at IW to get it, see? 🙂 I don’t want to see talented people screwed out of a paycheck any more than you do.

He… has a point. From an administrative point of view. Maybe even a legal one, too. But are either of those things necessarily right?

[Facebook, via GamesIndustry]


  • This is nothing more than a threat to current employees not to leave. What about the hard working people who left after Vince and Jason and who did “not” allegedly share company secrets? I don’t see them getting their bonus. In fact Dan must be looking the other way because if he wasn’t he would most definitely see talented people getting screwed out of a paycheck.

  • It seems they’re calling for Infinity Ward’s Booty.

    Would that be a booty call?

    Anyway, this actually seems reasonable. Surprisingly.

  • Aren’t they being sued for those unpaid bonuses?

    If Activision distributes them to the remaining Infinity Ward employees, what happens if Activision has to actually pay Vince and Jason their bonuses?

    Does Activision just take the money back from Infinity Ward employee salaries?

    With that kind of uncertainty, how is that a reward?

  • What? This isnt reasonable, It could just as easily by activision try to save face by going “hey look at all the money we are give to the other peeps (that we now have from getting rid of those other guys) we cant possibly be the bad guys.” To be honest all of this reeks corperate bullshit. If it turns out that the two were actually doing all these naughty things then hey all credit to activision to do this.

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