Advantage PlayStation In Japan's Weekly Console War

As it has done for the past few weeks, the PlayStation family of products take first and second in the battle for Japanese gamers hearts, minds and dollars, with the PlayStation 3 taking the lead this week.

The PS3, benefiting from sales of thoroughly Japanese games like Yakuza 4, Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2010 and Fist of the North Star, takes first, followed closely by the PSP. That's followed a lot less closely by the Wii and the rest of the Nintendo family of products. Hairsplitters would likely note that the Nintendo DS product line as a whole is the week's real winner, more than 41,000 Nintendo handhelds sold between the three variations.

Because you demanded the top selling hardware platforms in Japan for the week of March 29 to April 4, courtesy of Media Create, here you go.

  • PlayStation 3 - 38,877
  • PSP - 37,445
  • Wii - 30,938
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 21,583
  • Nintendo DSi - 15,526
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 4110
  • Xbox 360 - 2676
  • PlayStation 2 - 1815
  • PSP go - 1803


    But 360's marketshare in the "Western World" is greater

      Makes you wonder which region is the more enlightened.

    Just goes to show even in Japan where sony is killing it the pspGO can't sell

      In fairness, it's probably selling better than I'd have expected. I can't believe they could find 1803 people who want it TOTAL, let alone just this week.


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