Alan Wake's Release Date... Pushed Up!

Microsoft slipped us word this morning that Alan Wake's European release date has been changed. Thing is, it's been changed for the better.

The game was originally due for release towards the end of the week of May 20, but for some reason, it's now been pushed up to Friday, May 14. A whole week early!

It won't change the world, sure, but it's always nice to see a game slide on up.

Alan Wake will be out in the US on May 18.


    NOOOOOOOO! European release dates usually coincide with Aussie release dates, right? If not a day before or after them.

    This is good but bad - BAD because so many freaking games are coming out! And only 2 weeks before hand the Halo: Reach BETA.
    GOOD because i've waited so long for this game!

      Ok wait, let me get this straight... your worried about not being able to play halo? Don't worry, Alan Wake is doing you a favour stopping you playing that game :P

        Man you are so cool because you turn your nose up at halo. Boy I wish i could deliver killer lines like you. I can understand console fanboys, and game fanboys in competing genres, but why on earth are there fanboys against games. Halo is a fun, silly game.

        / agree whilst i love halo i can see clearly that the series has been going donwhill ever since halo 2 the moment the game switched the player from masterchief to the arbiter i knew that the series was slowly dying

    i guess when you look at the scope of the development time, alan wake being released 1 week earlier is like a normal game getting released 1 minute early.

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