Another New "X-Com" Game, And It’s Not A Shooter

Another New "X-Com" Game, And It’s Not A Shooter

The new XCOM game isn’t the same as the old X-Com games. Some people are cool with this, while others are not cool with this. If you’re in the latter group, you should check out Xenonauts, an upcoming indie PC game.

It is, essentially, X-Com. Or, as the developers Goldhawk Interactive call it, a “planetary defence simulator”. Only it’s being made now. Similar to 2003’s UFO: Aftermath, it’s X-Com in everything but name, as you juggle the strategic management of Earth’s defence forces with tactical command of its troops.

Additions to the old formula include the tactical management of your aerial forces, the presence of civilians on the battlefield and jetpacks.

It is of course PC-only, and the British devs are looking to have it out by the end of the year. You can read a little more at the game’s official site.

I like this. The crux of my post yesterday was that a publisher like 2K, and developers like 2K Marin, couldn’t afford to make a game like this. But a small team of passionate enthusiasts? That’s exactly the kind of people can make a game like this, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on Xenonauts as the year rolls on.


  • So where big companies have their hands tied on fan service games, small developers have freedom to appeal toothe hardcore, if not the budget for the latest engine.

  • “Additions to the old formula include the tactical management of your aerial forces, the presence of civilians on the battlefield and jetpacks.”

    Ummm… those last two features were in the original X-Com.

    • See Luke, the problem is, it’s not that we don’t understand the economic point you make between major and indie, the issue is one of respect for IP.

      If these companies respected their IPs and therefore the fans of said IPs, they would grant permission to these indie devs so that their game, which is more X-Com then XCOM, could be X-Com in name as well. The FPS that T2 is going to make might well and truly be an awesome game, but nothing would stop it from being awesome as a NEW IP either. Instead, the big boys are happy to shoehorn a once popular IP into a different game to try reap extra money. It is GREED plain and simple, and that’s what riles people up.

      We don’t begrudge them the desire/need to make money, they are a business after all, but the game industry is heading down a simply unethical path with misleading their customers, mistreating their IPs, and abusing the relationship that fans form with these properties. In other words, the game industry is becoming just another Hollywood, which makes a lot of money from producing CRAP.

  • Cool, looks like Xenonauts could be fun, will have to check it out!

    I’ll hold off judgement on the 2k XCom until there are some details on it.

    I loved all the games I used to play back in the 80’s and nineties, but if someone wants to come along and make an FPS flashback, Zork, Ecco the Dolphin, or CIA Adventure, then hey why not! I’m personally just pretty happy to re-visit ye olde fictions, especially if there’s a good art team to throw at them. Old-ish, in game terms, at least, I mean 🙂

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