Another Patent Filing Speaks Of Rumble-Enabled DS

A newly published patent application lends additional credence to what Nikkei reported last month, that Nintendo's upcoming 3DS handheld will feature force feedback.

The application shows it working through a coin-sized motor. An earlier filing in February also hinted at force feedback without identifying how. Its illustrations also used a different configuration of the DS. This filing's illustrations look more like a DSi.

This is confirmation of nothing, of course; Nintendo declined to comment on the Nikkei report when it was published.

More Evidence That Nintendo May Add Rumble for Future DS [Broke My Controller]


    man if the 3ds is just a dsi with 3d... im geting a bloody PSPgo... gosh

      It'd be a DSi with 3D AND the graphical superiority of a Gamecube =D

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