Are These Leaked Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Videos?

Are These Leaked Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Videos?

Several readers pointed us towards a series of YouTube videos that seem to feature Sonic the Hedgehog 4’s Splash Hill and Lost Labyrinth Zones. Are they legit?

The videos depict Sonic 4’s Splash Hill zone, which we’ve seen bits and pieces of before, as well as a Lost Labyrinth level, which we’ve not seen before. It bears pointing out the Lost Labyrinth Zone 2 features Sonic in a mining cart, because sometimes running really fast just isn’t enough. It’s a neat mechanic at least, requiring the player to tilt the playfield to make the cart roll.

They certainly seem legitimate to me, but then again, April 1 is right around the corner, and you never know what to expect. We’ve contacted Sega to verify the videos, and will update once we hear back.

These videos were originally found on YouTube, and archived by us, just in case.

Splash Hill Zone 1

Splash Hill Zone 2

Splash Hill Zone 3

Lost Labyrinth Zone 1

Lost Labyrinth Zone 2

Lost Labyrinth Zone 3

Lost Labyrinth Boss


  • I hope they fix up his slow walk cycle. It looks as though he’s skating instead of walking/running. Other then that it looks good. *if* it’s the real leaked content

  • This seems legitimate to me. The models, textures and animations look identical to those shown off in the recent trailer, even the music in the first level is identical to that released on the Sonic 4 website.

    I couldn’t fathom someone putting in all this work to create a “fake” Sonic game just for April Fool’s.

    Assuming that this is real, it’s looking fantastic. It looks like they’ve really nailed the sense of speed and momentum from the Genesis games. Please God, let this be a GOOD Sonic game.

  • wow, this is better than I thought. The physics, sound, graphics, basically THE WHOLE GAME has a really good feel to it. I like it.

  • Hmmm a couple of the first zone look to be almost a complete redo of the original levels.
    It’s a shame to be honest it may be a fake – I guess they could have made these levels in their spare time as an April Fools joke. Don’t know but based on that mine mechanic meh might not bother with it.

  • So, why does Sega think we want an act III of these zones. It was always around the III act which the gimmick wore thin. Also, naming this game Sonic 4 is really misleading, as all the zones are rehashes of the original levels, using even the same enemies. Sonic 1, 2, 3 and knuckles were all their own games with Unique Levels and original enemies.

    P.S. Keep mine cart levels in Donkey Kong country where they belong.

    • Maybe Sega thinks we want an Act 3 of these levels because the original Sonic had 3 acts, AND 3 acts would lead to 50% more gameplay.

      Feel free to go to the level select screen after finishing the game once and go back forever and only play Acts 1 and 2. I can’t believe you’re making this argument. I guess the videos are good enough that you can’t find anything else to complain about, yet it’s in your nature to complain.

      Sega (rather, Dimps) is finally trying to make a good game after more than 10 years of bad stuff from Sega, but wow…the extra acts are a deal-breaker!

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