Are You Addicted To Video Games?

Educational advertising, as effective as it ever was, as seen on the wall of a high school via Reddit. Makes me want to gel my hair up and break out the Xbox.


    Are you addicted to hair products?

    "Do you find yourself thinking or talking about a particular game even when you're not playing it?"
    But... but isn't that the point of most things that involve marketing? Or anything free to interpretation? Or, really, anything worth discussing?
    Does this mean I'm addicted to TV if I ask someone "So... what's with the Japanese guy in Lost?" when I'm not watching Lost? Are you telling me I only have one hour per week where I'm allowed to go "Wait, what just happened?", because that happens alot in Lost.
    Next time I play Pokemon, I'm going to shut myself in my room and never talk about it and it'll be my dirty little secret, so that way I won't be considered an addict. That's how it works, right?

    Also, what's with the Japanese guy in Lost?

    Why not show an overweight loser surrounded by filth? That guy looks like he's having the time of his life....except that he's playing an X-Box and not a PS3.

    That was a bunch of Bs Wow is way better than going to the mall

    I know I'm addicted to gaming. I'm also addicted to reading. I do neglect homework but I did that even before I started gaming alot. As for neglecting friends I don't have any friends to neglect. Not because of gaming but because I just suck at talking to people.

    "have you ever sat down at the computer with the intent to only play for 20 minutes and found yourself playing for over 3 hours?"

    No i haven't because intending to play for only 20 minutes would make you dumb. you could barely get a single match played in 20 minutes.

      And those people have CLEARLY never played a Sid Meier game. How many people have NOT had the "just one more turn, oh look the sun's up, when did that happen?" thing when playing civilization?

    The funny thing here is that in the first bubble it says "check out the facts below", then goes on to actually NOT state any facts - it's basically just trying to get people off the computer, while at the same time making a poor attempt at sounding like it still supports it as a reasonable release.

    People have hobbies, and yes, there's some things in the second bubble that still make sense, but in the third bubble... losing friends, relationships and your future - that's a particularly severe consequence that only happens in a minority of cases.

    wow, looks like i'm a gaming addict.

    If anyone needs me i'll be hooking my consoles up to my veins...

    Yep im a gaming addict then. Love the image of that douche looking guy lol.

    Since when was gaming a bad thing?

    Lots of people can be addicted to video games and still have a relatively normal life.

    Infact, nothing makes me smile more than returning home after a long day at uni or work to see a shelf full of games waiting for me to play.

    Tallkid123, that's hardly an addiction to games.

    Anyway, the kid on the advert looks more like he was invited to a birthday party and he was playing xbox.

    If he was a true addict, he'd be overweight, with chips and soft drink cans and stains all over the place because he doesn't care about the real world anymore, only the avatar that he plays in his escape world. He'd also have relatively larger pupils because he hasn't been outside in a while and plays in low light environments. He'd also have muscles in his thumbs/fingers and perhaps his wrist for latent sexual tensions & releases.

    20 mins? Has whoever wrote this ever heard of 'immersion' or effective story-telling. You don't see me telling off my grandmother for reading her book all day... Maybe we should all claim reading of books can lead to addiction and all these blown out of proportion scenarios

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