AU Diary: I’m Giving Away Cars Now

Forza 3 players will want to hear this. Everyone else can probably just move along, nothing to see.

Microsoft has passed along five download codes for the recent Forza 3 Jalopnik Car Pack. It features ten new cars, as chosen by the readers of Kotaku US sister site Jalopnik.

The full list of vehicles can be found here.

Between now and 6pm, I’m going to post one code here, one on the (tragically neglected) Kotaku AU Facebook page, one on the Kotaku AU twitter, one on my personal twitter, and a fifth on one of those four at random. First person to successfully redeem each code, please reply in the comments.

Here’s your code: TCQX6-C7W2C-FFDJ7-92WWH CMR3B

UPDATE: All five codes have now been posted. Let me know in the comments if you scored one.


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