AU Diary: Of Comps, Karts and Plasmids

Couple of tidbits for you at the end of the day before I head off to this ModNation Racers community event.

First, the final winner of our Silent Hill: Shattered Memories giveaway is... Thomas Fulton.

Thomas submitted the following multi-part haiku. And, as you know, I am sucker for haiku.

Love, to some unearned, Will guide you through a nightmare, Fuelled by hate and pain.

Run! Run! Guilty man! Your mind is full of angles, Sharp with rust and blood.

Memories, long past, Confront the restless dreamer, Through a wish, reborn.

Home sweet home, they say. A room with view… and more, Is yours forever now.

The other final winner is the oddly named Screen and this amusing little note:

Hey anyone reading this

I'm only writing these notes because my connection to both Twitter and Facebook are down and I need something to update.

Secondly, an unfortunate oversight on my behalf resulted in one of last week's Splinter Cell: Conviction winners being chosen despite their photo not including the Kotaku logo. My bad.

Since I can't retract the prize, instead I've chosen my favourite runner-runner-up - hi Grant! - and will be sending him a special consolation prize (ie. a game from my drawer).

Oh, and lastly, I finished BioShock 2 last night. It's one of those rare games that just keeps getting better all the way up to - and including - the end. The places you go after Fontaine's Futuristics were inspired. If you haven't picked it up yet, I suggest you do so immediately.


    3 things,

    1) Congrats to Thomas. That was a pretty good series of haikus

    2) I'm off to ModNation event right now as well. Hoping I get to actually ride something tonight if time permits.

    3) I have yet to play my copy of Bioshock 2 and will do after I finish my pending assignments.

    weren't there two copies up for grabs?

    have fun at modnation!

      dw ma bad


    Thanks, tallkid123! I was tempted to do one for Silent Hill Origins as well, but decided to stay to the classics. Maybe I'll post another three on here when I've played through Shattered Memories and finally get around to buying Homecoming...

    Agreed re Bioshock 2. Out of interest, what is your opinion on the multiplayer?

      I'm more of a single-player guy, so I've not even checked it out. I haven't heard great things about it, but the various plasmids and tonics seem like an interesting enough twist on the standard multiplayer formula. In theory, at least. Maybe I'll take a look, assuming I can still find a game...

        ditto to that. and isn't it kinda late to be trullinnn

    Once again my uni means i cant go to these events. Someone should start planning these things on a monday so i can actualy show up.

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