AU Diary: Reaching Out From Here

This morning I played the Halo Reach multiplayer beta. Well, bits of it, anyway. I'd like to hear your questions about what I saw.

Sadly, I cannot reveal any info just yet. At this stage, all I can really tell you is that I've played it. You'll have to wait until next week for more details.

However, I would like to hear what you want to know about the beta. I'll endeavour to answer all your questions in a post next week once the coverage embargo lifts.

Leave your questions in the comments below.


    Jetpacks, knives, the Kig-Yar skirmisher, spartan's losing, Reach falls.

    That's it :P

      That is not a question.

        How's it handle? Were the jetpacks any good? Or just a useless gimmick to suck people in? Are the graphics as awesome as the fanboys make it out to be?

    First off: Lucky bastard. ;_;

    All I really want to know right now is if the hit registration is better in Reach then it was in Halo 3.

    And will the beta have a custom game option.
    Thanks Dave!

    Are the physics mostly the same? E.g Is jump hieght, grenade toss and vehicle jumps about the same?

    Which shoulder pads did you buy?

    Hi David,

    You might even be able to answer this straight away, but what level Halo fan are you? They have me hook line and sinker and I've bought every FPS Halo title at release.

    Just like to get a gauge of your interest level in the series.

      I really like Halo. My preference is towards single or co-op games, and in that regard I think Bungie are probably the best in the business when it comes to first-person shooters. Competitive multiplayer is not my preferred play style, however.

    And how good was your spread?

      If you followed me on Twitter you'd know.

        Naw...wittle Davey want more followers?

          No, it's just an inside joke...

    How do the jetpacks handle compared to tribes?
    Can you ski with them?
    What weapon did you find yourself using the most?

      Ross that is what I am wondering. I was a huge tribes fan back in the day and I thought jetpacks were actually highly competitive (air disk anyone? haha)... I would second this question, are the jetpacks balanced as they were in tribes and can we ski with them?

      Another question would be, was Tribes ahead of it's time? In other words, does halo: reach have anything attributed to tribes style of gameplay?

    Does the armor lock make you INVINCIBLE for as long as you please?

    Is as melee as woefully strong as it is in Halo 3?

      Armor Lock makes you invincible til it runs out or you release the button.

      I'm pretty sure two melee hits kill. But the damage doesn't bleed off of the shield now. If they've still got and amount of shield left the first hit won't do any physical damage, just pop the shield.

    How are they planning on distributing the Beta?

    I mean, is it a download that we need ODST in drive to make it work, was it installed with Halo waypoint... etc.

      The only way to access the beta is through owning a copy of ODST. You will need to download it - it's not on the disc or anything like that.

    My main question is about balancing. Did you feel that the new additions were underwhelming, or overpowering to the point of dominating the play? Or did they add to the 'danger', making you watch the skies or the hidden corners more?

    Most importantly, was it fun?

    In your opinion, even when not a big fan of competitive multiplayer playing style, do you think Reach would give gamers no reason to ever return to Halo 3? In terms of multiplayer at least.

    can you tea bag people?

    How is the Assassinations, How does the JetPack Feel Useless Usefull. How are the Graphics? Does the Power upgrades still Have the Halo Feel. Any Bugs.PS. DOWNLOAD The Mass Effect 2 (LAUNCH TRAILER).

    Have you used any of the confirmed new weapons, and if so, what was your impressions of them?

      Technically because Halo: Reach is "before" the original Halo Trilogy's timeline, they are old weapons ;)

      My question? -Does Halo: Reach use the old method of health regeneration (health packs), or the recharge method seen in Halo & Halo 2? Also, can we expect to see some "older" weapons, such as the side-arm and 'retro' fuel rod cannon (from the original)?

        I didn't mean new weapons as in new chronologically, but new weapons to us, that we've never had a chance to use.

        Well, technically this is the original game since it takes place before Halo 1 ;)

        Muahaha I made you contradict yourself

        My questions:

        1. Did you play any of the gametypes like Headhunter or Stockpile? If you did, how did they play? Were they fun?

        2. Did you play as an Elite? What was it like?

        3. What is the Reach version of the Assuault Rifle like (More or less powerful?) Also the DMR. Was it more fun to use than the BR?

          Might wanna check your logic on that one...

          My Question.

          With load outs, does it work ala MW2 where you can switch individual weapons on the field OR like BC2 where you switch entire kits?

            Sorry, probably should make that clearer. If I want to change weapons on the field can I pick up a random dead enemies individual weapons (MW2/Halo 3 style), or do I have to pick up their entire loadout (BC2)

            From what I've read, it's individual weapons just like all the other Halo games. There'll still be weapons littered around on the maps, and often all the load-out will have the same start weapons with only the Armor Ability changing.

    Does it still feel like online Halo or did you find strong influences from other online games like Red Faction:G or Modern Warfare.

    Is it better than Halo 3? I am a person who believes Halo 2 is far superior to Halo 3. So taking that into account do you think I will prefer Halo Reach over Halo 3?

    Also, is it noob friendly? (I consider this a bad thing) Eg - The starting weapon in Halo 3 is the assault rifle. I always felt this weapon to be too powerful for a starting weapon mainly due to the fact the magazine size was so big that any noob could 'spray and pray' and get kills.

    So to tie in with above, how is the recoil on weapons? Any more realistic, or still similar to Halo 3? Will a player who just holds the trigger down to empties an entire clip be wishing they had learned how to burst fire?

      I can answer that - yes, firing in bursts greatly increases accuracy. you can even see this in footage that's been released - the aiming reticule is now dynamic like in most games nowadays, it expands and contracts with firing to show accuracy.

      also... no waaaay was the assault rifle mag too big! everyone complains that it's way too small, and it is... without a melee attack, you can only just kill an enemy, assuming that all your bullets hit.

    Can elites use jetpacks as well? Please dear god let it be so. I don't want to give up my dino ways, but that jetpack is calling to me :(

    Did they frown on teabagging your opposition during the multiplayer testing?

    Pertaining to the change to hit scan weapons for those such as the DMR, Pistol, etc - How does it compare to the H3 BR/Carbine?

    How quickly does the DMR or Pistol kill in relation to the H3 BR?

    How would you compare it to the past Halo titles from your experience? Mainly, in terms of what you like, and if anything, what you dislike.

    Can guests play with you during the beta?

    How much of a difference is it in switching from Spartan to Elite, seeing as how the Elites are so buffed up in multiplayer

    Do the Elites have any "cons" other than their height and thus having bigger hixboxes? How about grenades? Are they thrown exactly like in Halo 3 or more like ODST? (oh god no) Did you get to use the Needle Rifle? Does it look like a weapon with a lot of potential or just a variant of the Needler? Speaking of the Needler, is it the same as previous games? Do the Spikers make a return?

    Do the trees bleed sap in real time?


    I was wondering mainly about the Assault Rifle damage, myself. In the short blip of footage that I've seen of the AR in action, it seemed like it took a sizable number of rounds to down an enemy's shields. Perhaps two-thirds of the magazine. Has the AR been nerfed?

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