Aussie Nintendo Store: It's Blaster Master Time

A big big update this week, not only in size with 6 DSiWare games taking up the bulk of the releases, but this week finally sees the release of Blaster Master. But I'll get to that shortly.

Let's start with WiiWare and Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 2; no, it's not for you the average Kotaku reader, but it might be good for your kids. It's an educational adventure game, and pretty good, too. You'd better check out the first one first though.

Second up on the WiiWare list is Zombie Panic in Wonderland. This one is a third-person rail shooter that puts you in control of Momotaro, Snow White and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as you run around a Japanese village shooting up zombies and destroying buildings. That's just how they roll.

UPDATE: Sadly, it appears Zombie Panic in Wonderland did not launch in Australia this week. Maybe next week? Hopefully?

Alrighty, onto Blaster Master then. Yes, it's finally here and it's only a mere 500 points, being a NES game and all. Finally, you can once again follow Jason and his frog down a hole and take on a hoard of radioactive monsters with a tank. We've waited a while for this one to come out; it's cheap, so pick it up.

However, DSiWare gets most of the game releases, three of them are Game & Watch games (all 200 points) and those are Helmet, Manhole and Vermin. A good distraction for a bit of change. What's new this week is The Price is Right (no Larry Emdur or Turpie though), no idea how good that is and for 800 points could be a bit of a gamble. Faceez is next and it basically expands on the photo editing already in the DSi with more crazy and zany things to place over your photos. It's only 200 points if you're into that sort of thing. Last but not least is Alphabounce, and they claim it's the world's first brick breaker RPG. It certainly looks very different.

WiiWare Learning With The PooYoos Episode 2 (Lexis Numerique - 500 Points) Zombie Panic In Wonderland (Akaoni Studio - 1000 Points)

DSiWare AlphaBounce (Mad Monkey Studio - 500 Points) Faceez (Neko Entertainment) - 200 Points) Game & Watch Helmet (Nintendo) - 200 Points) Game & Watch Manhole (Nintendo) - 200 Points) Game & Watch Vermin (Nintendo) - 200 Points) The Price Is Right (Ludia) - 800 Points)

Virtual Console Blaster Master (NES, Sunsoft - 500 Points)

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