Aussie Nintendo Store: This Map Shows Buried Treasure

After the fallacy of last week's update, this week we have some decent titles to check out. This week, Aussies only miss out on The Will of Dr. Frankenstein (WiiWare) and Flipper (DSiWare). But fret not because we actually get the real juicy stuff.

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures from the SNES is the crowning, and only, jewel in the Virtual Console line-up this week. For 800 Points you get, in game form, all the Indiana Jones movies condensed into some Factor 5-developed goodness. While the majority of the game is like Super Star Wars, there is some kayaking down a mountain and mine cart racing thrown in for extra measure.

DSiWare gets lucky this week with the arrivial of Earthworm Jim, a port of the first game from the SNES or any other number of systems it's been on since its initial release. This one was done by Gameloft who are pretty good with the old DSi now, so for 500 Points it shouldn't be too bad.

Nnooo returns to the DSiWare scene with myPostcards. This one allows you to make your own postcards (funnily enough) and send them to friends. There are different themes and effects to unlock to pretty them up as well. A great, simple idea and for only 200 Points.

There's also another batch of Game & Watch titles out this week. They are Ball, Donkey Kong Jr. and Flagman.

Virtual Console Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (SNES, LucasArts – 800 Points)

DSiWare Earthworm Jim (Gameloft – 500 Points) myPostcards (Nnooo – 200 Points) Game & Watch Ball (Nintendo – 200 Points) Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr. (Nintendo – 200 Points) Game & Watch Flagman (Nintendo – 200 Points)

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    I do not think that word means what you think it means.

      Nintendo issue a press release staying 10 games will come out, we get 3. That is a fallacy. Not the best word, but close enough.

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