Bargain Hunter: Extract This Dead Space Deal Now

Bargain Hunter: Extract This Dead Space Deal Now

Dead Space: Extraction was one of my favourite Wii games last year. It ported a super-polished Resident Evil clone across to a super-polished on-rails shooter without sacrificing a drop of atmosphere.

Sadly, no one bought it.

Which is why, when Kmart’s new catalogue lists it for a mere $19, you now have no excuse not to pick it up.

Hmm, I think I might turn today into Bargain Hunting Tuesday. What do you say?


  • I was really pleasantly surprised by how good Dead Space: Extraction was as an on-the-rails shooter. I played it through almost non-stop with one of my mates and we had a blast!

  • I like it. I look forward to the bargain hunter pieces. I nabbed MW2 when it was released for $89 thanks to the bargain hunter.

  • I’d buy it if it had an option to switch off the cursor and calibrate the pointer to the screen a la both the HotD games on Wii. I want to play a light gun shooter, not a “click mouse on enemy to kill” game!

  • K-Mart is awesome to find cheap games, either to run as trade bait at JB/EB/etc or just to find older stuff to play.

    For what it’s worth too, the Brisbane CBD Myer has about 7-8 copies of Red Faction: Guerrilla on PS3 for $20. Were some other cheapish things there, but nothing that stood out.

  • Yeah I picked this up last Friday for $19 along with Tiger Woods 10 for $35. Tiger Woods 10 is a great game, the Wii motion plus really makes it fun to play. I don’t even like watching golf and barely play, but it’s awesome to get through 18 holes in an international course and actually feel like the way you swing has some impact on the game. It’s much more satisfying then using a control pad.

    K-mart has some really good deals at the moment, and if I’m not mistaken the catalogue runs until April 21st.

  • Doing this every Tuesday would definately be helpful in the wallet department. Encouraging people to post any bargains they find would also be great, theres already mentioned here that are pretty great finds.

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