Bargain Hunter: What's In The New GAME Catalogue?

Australia's pinkest games retailer has a new catalogue out for April. But does it contain any worthwhile deals? The Bargain Hunter is here to find out.

On the hardware front, they've knocked a few dollars off the price of a DSi and PS3 for those uninterested in bundled games. The Wii bundle is nice for Zelda fans, while the 360 bundle is about standard these days.

On the software front, several of last year's better releases are marked down to just under fifty bucks, while Mirror's Edge on PC is just four dollars. I've picked out some of my highlights below, but you can see the full catalogue here.

Hardware DSi (console only) $269 PS3 (120GB Slim console only) $459 Wii (console plus The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link’s Crossbow Training and Wii Zapper) $359 Xbox 360 (120GB Elite console plus Forza 3, Halo 3: ODST, LEGO Batman and Pure) $378

Software Brütal Legend (360, PS3) $48 The Conduit (Wii) $28 FIFA 10 (360, PS3, Wii) $48 The House of the Dead: Overkill (Wii) $28 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) $48 Lost Odyssey (360) $19 MadWorld (Wii) $24 Mirror's Edge (PC) $4 Napoleon: Total War (PC) $48 Need for Speed: Shift (360, PS3) $48 The Saboteur (360, PS3) $48


    $4 coaster, bargain!

      Lol, man, give it a chance, it's half decent.

        I'd say it's more than half decent. Four fifths, at least!

    Has Sony just given up on trying to be competitive with microsoft down under?

    and black wii, what's the point? meh sales I guess, but really enough to warrent the release anyway? SHOULD come a better coloured stand though, blood red maybe or neon blue like the Wii's light. Gray just looks horrible.

      Black matches my TV, VCR, BR player, stereo, speakers and Xbox360.

      Oh, you've only NOW realized Nintendo's business srategy?

      Let me walk you through it:

      DS Lite - DSi - DSi XL... hmmmmmmm

      Wii Remote... Wii Remote with MOTION PLUS which costs you to buy.

      Wii Console - Wii Console Black! Next will be a Wii HD or a new colour. Wii with extra storage. Wii with DVD capabilities. It's all been planned right from the word go so they can do multiple re-releases of SKUs. It's the Nintendo way!


        Hahaha, gold.

          If people put effort it.. Wii does have dvd capabilities, does have extra storage space and they'll probably paint a dick on the side of it.

    i dunno - can't really complain for $4.. I picked up wolverine (origins) for pc at jb on the weekend for $5 :)

      Yea dude, just finished it last night. thought it was a good game too, lept me coing back. Really gory too, made by the dev's of Soilder Of Fourtune, so gore is a given i guess. Good pick for $5 though

    Personally I'll be trading 2 old DS games for Soul Silver tonight!

    Thanks JB HI FI!!!

    P.S:No I don't work for JB.

      watch out, they now have an exclusion list.

        They've had an exclusion list for some time now.

          Don't worry, its a joke

    got too human on the weekend a steal for 8 dollars very underrated game

      Yeah, I got that too. Would have been gutted if I'd paid more then $20 for it but for $8 it's def worth a play. Just be prepared to die a lot and have to watch that same seen when you die over and over again.

      Also House of the Dead : Overkill for $28? Hells yes! So much fun and the most swearing I've ever heard in any game.

        Oh god... that dying cutscene is horrible

    I got a $4 PC version of Mirrors Edge. I had it on PS3 but I heard the PC version was slightly better. They also have Tomb Raider Legend for 360 $8 and Tomb Raider Underworld360 for $25. For some reason they had Saboteur for $35 on PS3 and I was considering it, but let it go. I wish I didnt, next time I went in they didnt have any.

    There are some other random odds and ends not in the catalogue - I recently picked up the FarCry2 Fortunes Pack for PC for $2 (which went nicely with a $25 copy of FarCry2 from EB along with some other EB specials like Red Faction: Guerrilla and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing for $25 each on PC)

    I also glimpsed a copy of WarFront: Turning Point for only $2 at GAME - and if they are clearing it out at that price then you can do far worse on a blind purchase than an alternate history WWII RTS where Germans get combat exosuits, Soviets get frost tanks and Allies get shield generators and earthquake bombs!

    The Saboteur could be a good buy for my PS3 collection, I really enjoyed the first bit of the game on PC, but then the lag started to really bother me.

    And I know I bought FIFA09 for $80 last year, so why am I thinking of getting FIFA10 now, I'm just going to get burned when 11 comes out, rinse, repeat.

    Does anyone know what happened to the ecogamer site? Google has marked it as containing malware.

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