Batman: Arkham Asylum Getting Action Figures

Not that Batman has ever gone wanting for action figure exposure, but the Caped Crusader's getting a new line based on last year's Batman: Arkham Asylum game. It'll be revealed in next month's issue of Toyfare magazine.

The line is from DC Direct. No other details are yet known, but if I had to guess, aside from the absolute necessity of Batman and Joker I don't see how this line goes forward without Harley Quinn and Bane - as they appear in the game of course.

Toyfare will have all the details in its June 2010 issue.

Batman Arkham Asylum Action Figures Revealed [Big Download]


    I want them now!!!!!!!!

    I'm going to need more figure shelf space...

    If they do a scarecrow that'll be pretty impressive

    Welcome to the collection, Batman!

    Now you can fight alongside Kratos and Altair!

    Actually, a fighting game with all 3 would be kick ass.


    Do they do...uhhhhm a life size model of Harley Quinn? :P

    You're going to be disappointed.

      That's from the comics, not the game.

        Well, it's under just announced, and titled Arkham Asylum *shrug*

    Damn, I was going to stop collecting figures that look awesome now but will just be embarrassing when I move out. Oh well. ^^

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