Battlefield Bad Company 2 Owners Get Medal Of Honor Sniper Rifle Early

If like to do your shooting from the comfort and convenience of a long distance, Medal of Honor will let you get your hands on its M24 Sniper system before everyone else, provided you've bought Battlefield: Bad Company 2

DICE sent up a blog post earlier today about the offer; you cash it in if you have (or have entered) the VIP code included in the console version of BFBC2, or if you've played the game online in a multiplayer session on PC. That gives you the shootin' iron on day one of Medal of Honor.

See all the fine print at the official post and see if you can read it rapid-fire like a debt relief ad on sports radio.

Medal of Honor [Battlefield Bad Company 2


    What about consoles?

      Nevermind, its quite clearly stated when i re-read the article :|

    Weapon bonuses for pre-ordering or things like that are the stupidest thing ever. Fair enough some content like a mission etc... but a weapon! So, so stupid! And cheap.

    Its odd because they are *like* competing shooters but in the same company. I guess this is nice for the people who own BFBC (hopefully everyone here). Jay, its not a pre order bonus. Its just a bonus if you own BFBC2.

      EA have been doing this for quite sometime with the Battlefield games and from what I understand DICE are handling the online component of Medal Of Honor (online engine, etc...)

      Basically it's just a way of getting brand loyalty occuring, the more games of a series you have owned and/or played, potentially have more bonuses available to you when the next game comes out.

      So yeah, I've been playing BFBC2 for abit now, the next MoH game does interest me, so it's nice to know that I'll have some form of bonus waiting for as soon as I pick it up. Sure, it's only a minor thing and nothing that is going to ruin the game for those that don't have it, or those that do.

      Other companies have done it before, like Uncharted 2 gave you $100,000 ingame dollars if it found a completed Uncharted 1 save file. Gran Turismo Concept/Prologue games giving you more cash or cars in the full game. I'd actually prefer more companies to actually do this kind of thing.

    The locked the sniper rifle in MoH?

    Well F**k that

    I'm gonna buy something else now.

      Learn to read.

      its a unlock which im guessing in the later levels in multiplayer but if you have BC2 then you get it straight away from the start.

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