Battlefield Bad Company 2's Pre-Order Bonus Now Unlocked For The Public

Squad Rush, a multiplayer mode that was previously available only as a pre-order inducement for Battlefield Bad Company 2, has been unlocked for all PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers.

Squad Rush is a fun-size version of regular Rush multiplayer; it pits two squads of four players against each other in infantry-only combat. They battle it out over an M-COM station and once destroyed, another part of the map opens up.

There was no mention in EA's news blurb of PC availability of this mode.

[via VG247]



    I never pre ordered and I've played squad rush...

    I've had this mode since I got this game roughly a month ago, and I didn't preorder.

    It because Squad Rush for PC was avialable for everyone on PC at launch.

    Squad rush is all nade spam.

    Ive had squad rush since i got the game, never preordered and its on the 360?

    yeah, they seem to be just giving the PC players everything alot easier, atleast the impression I got from the tickerbar is that the new maps were a map pack that would cost money on consoles, between that and buying it while it was still only $50 US on steam (it has since been bumped up to reflect australian retail prices) made it a good PC buy for me.

    This was only for USA and even then only for consoles. Rest of the world got Squad Rush from the start.

    Anyone know when the squad kit dlc will be out?

    never played squad rush, dont like the server browser =(

      I didn't like it either, until I started filtering by 'GameArena' and it produced like 30 pumping servers (note: it also finds servers labeled 'not GameArena') I haven't played Squad Rush... or Team Deathmatch yet, I'm sure snipers ruin both modes of the game as much as the others anyway!

        Snipers ruin team deathmatch.
        so annoying.

        small squad based game types are only good if you have a good squad that works together.

    If they fixed hit detection and made the player animation smoother and more flexible this would be a close to perfect FPS.

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