Bayonetta In 3D

But you can't play it. Sorry!

The pistol-heeled action game was playable in 3D for at least one person - the game's designer, Hideki Kamiya. Here the game designer is playing the game at the offices of Platinum Games, the studio behind the title.

Bayonetta was released in October 2009 in Japan and earlier this year in the West. It features a heroine encased in a body suit made of hair with pistols in her high heels.

Twitter / 神谷英樹: 実は今日ケンジや大森たちの協力を得てベヨを3Dにして ... [Twitter via Siliconera]


    WHOA! they are nvidia 3d vision goggles i think the bigger question of the article is

    "is Bayonetta coming to PC with nvidia 3d vision"

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