Bayonetta's Official "Prequel"

I know, we've been trying to restrict April Fool's stuff to a single post, but since this clip - of Bayonetta re-imagined as an 8-bit side-scroller - isn't really a joke or a scam, it's worth a closer look.

Put together by Platinum Games, the actual developers of Bayonetta, it shows the hair-clad heroine in action, 1980's style, all two dimensions and gold coins. What makes it different from most April Fool's "jokes" is this is something we'd actually want.

Sure, she loses most of her sex appeal in the process, leaving us with something akin to a Muppet Babies take on Bayonetta, but that's cool. I'm comfortable being aroused by that.


    freaking awesome. How many people telling Platinum that they want this do u think it'd take for us to actually GET it? heh

    "This video is unavailable."

      Hmm, it is working for me.

        and worked for me obviously. and just checked, is still working for me

    This video is unavailable.

    Video works for me.

    Throw in a melee/combo system and I would absolutely play this.

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