Behold The Halo Reach Rowdiness Question And Other Boot-Up Delights

The Halo Reach Beta is upon us, at least the 3733 of us I saw enjoying early access to the Xbox 360 beta/promotion/multiplayer-tease that gets wider release next week. I shot video of how it begins. Warning: kinda shaky.

If you can stomach this video, you will learn what it's like to boot up the Halo: Reach beta and (actually interesting!) the four social settings you can apply to this: Chattiness (chatty/quiet/no preference), Motivation (winning/good time/no pref); Teamwork (team player/lone wolf/ no pref); Tone (rowdy/polite/ no pref.)

Hope that gives you a little insight. We'll have more on the actual gameplay in the near future.


    "Other countries"!?!?!

    This is an outrage!!!! Australia is more than another country! Technically, we're a continent...

      Well, not really. As a continent, we also include New Zealand and a bunch of islands, but yeah.

      Anyway, it's only the Beta, I'm sure it'll come :)

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