Best Splinter Cell: Conviction Glitch So Far

Even a good game can glitch. This is the best one our new intern, Lauren Orsini, has found for Splinter Cell: Conviction on YouTube so far. The guy's just trying to shake tape off his hand. Too bad he's dead.


    Haha - thats fantastic! I love it when stuff like that happens in any serious game i own.

    To me it looks like he's been killed, but his body has reverted to a primal state of some sort and is trying to enthusiastically defend the corpse from flies!

    Either that or he's doing an extra extended Three Stooges style wind up before slapping sam up side the head yelling "WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO WOOOO"

    Ragdoll glitches are old news (or should be).

      As old and common as they are, they never fail to entertain.

      sounds like someones inner child is being repressed to me1

    Looks like some pretty damn sticky stickytape.

    That guard's not dead, he's a performance artist.

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