Blaster Master Overdrive Coming To Aussie WiiWare Soon

Good news for NES fans and indeed retro gaming devotees in general. Sunsoft's resurrection of the NES classic Blaster Master will be released on the Australian WiiWare channel soon.

How do we know? Well, the big hint is that Blaster Master Overdrive was given a PG rating by the Classification Board on April 12. See?

Typically, if a game's rated, it gets released; and once a game's rated, it gets released very soon. Our money's on as soon as next week.

Why the big deal? Well, back on the NES, Blaster Master was an excellent mix of side-scrolling tank action (see above right) and top-down action-adventuring (see left). That NES original saw its Virtual Console release just last week, in fact. Overdrive looks to capture the same Metroidvania-before-there-was-Metroidvania vibe of the original, albeit with some spiffier visuals.

I can't wait.


    "and once a game’s rated, it gets released very soon".

    In most cases, inb4 people whinging (rightfully) about Contra Rebirth.

    looks tasty to me! if only i ever used the wii shop channel...

    About damn freakin' time!!! Blaster Master was a serious challenge at times and a fun adventure. Cant wait!

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