Blizzard Is Selling World Of Warcraft Mounts Because Players Demanded Them

While naysayers may think corporate greed is the answer, Blizzard tells Kotaku the real reason World of Warcraft mounts have shown up for sale in the company's online store is because that's exactly what the players wanted.

The overwhelming response to yesterday's addition of the Celestial Steed in-game mount for World of Warcraft to the Blizzard store backs up comments we received today from Blizzard PR man Ryan Arbogast. Purchase queues began forming soon after the virtual item went on sale, with players in the forums reporting upwards of 12,000 folks waiting at the virtual cash register at one time for a chance to purchase the translucent flying mount.

Ryan says, "After we launched the Pet Store, we received many requests to offer mounts as well. We created the Celestial Steed as a result of those requests, and the response from the community - including all of the players here at Blizzard - has been very positive."

And for those concerned that selling such a mount might result in balance issues between the have and have-nots, Ryan assures players that the new mount represents a cosmetic change and nothing more.

"As with the pets available in the Pet Store and the mounts that can be acquired through the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, it was important to make sure that the Celestial Steed offered a fun way to customise a character's look without detracting from the gameplay," We think the Celestial Steed looks pretty cool, but it's ultimately optional and just another way for players to adjust how their characters appear in game.


    There probably will be some people saying that it is just greed
    But Blizzards right in this, people want an easy way to get good looking mounts and will pay for it to get them
    I know Perfect World makes the majority of their money doing this

      Yes, but it doesn't have a monthly fee that you have to pay to play

    I wouldn't say its greed either, I mean its taken them what? 6 years to do something like this.

      True, but how long after Activision got their hand son the reins?

    It's definitely greed. If not, then they'd be giving them away or making them something gamers would have to earn.

    While i personally wish it was an in game earned thing, cause i love it but i'm not willing to pay for it, i don't think we can really call it greed. We get so many cool new things in game that its not like we're getting nothing for our subscription. Really this isn't much different from the blizzcon stream giving a pet.

    Also,i believe the queue reached over 140,000 at one point

    Releasing mounts like this is certainly "because it's what the players want", but to charge 25 bucks for them? That's good ol' fashion greed.

      Exactly. $5 is fan service. $10 is a bit much. $25 is plain greed.

      Can you really blame them? If people want to give your business all their money are you meant to refuse it?

    It makes me sad to see Blizzard rake in well over $3 million for something that probably took a couple guys less than a week to make.

    Well either they sell it to you outright or they could've made a quest for it which would take the normal WoW player at least a month or two of continuous play to finish the quest. I'd say them doing this is more of a convenience to players. Save a month and buy it outright or do a quest for a month. They'd still earn about the same amount. :S I don't see the greed in convenience. You want fast food you pay for it.

    I don't see the debate in this... they made something and sold it for a price, then people who wanted it bought it.

    If they had priced it at $100 and people bought it then its entirely up to them. Why this moral outrage at someone selling something? If you don't believe that you should be paying for something then don't.

    Do people who play games find nothing to do in their spare time but whinge about games?

      It never amazes me how /surprised/ people get when a for-profit business does something to make profit. I think people forget that companies like Blizzard aren't there as altruistic entities. They are, well, for-profit.

      That said, it is a gorgeous mount, and while mine was a present I think it was well worth it. Realistically, if you make, say, $10/hour, this represents 2.5 hours of work, which is a decent return on investment for time.

    At the end of the day it's a business and this is a brilliant business move. Let the neckbeards have their shiny toys if they want to pay for them I guess.

    The introduction of this mount has had an impact on the aesthetics of the game, in my opinion.

    Granted, the world of Warcraft is already a mixed bag of fantasy elements, with steam-punk tech and space-goats and demons and so on, all serving an ever increasingly convoluted world.

    However the introduction of this 'cosmetic' purchasable in my opinion, only detracts from the overall style of WoW.

    Not because a sparkly flying horse doesn't fit into the world somewhere (The mount fits in nicely with the themes of the Titans in game), but the problem is because they're essentially now everywhere.

    A fantasy world where the most common mount, the one anyone can get, the base mount any race can ride at almost any level... is a translucent sparkly flying horse that glitters...

    This is in stark contrast to the idea of having a world where the most rare and fantastic looking steeds are only acquired and ridden by the most stalwart of heroes, i.e. earned or at least found by few.

    No... Now in WoW... if you're just one of many, I'd recommend buying the only mount you'll ever need straight from the Blizzard store.

    Like pets, mounts are just cosmetic additions... but the thing about cosmetics is... the more you apply, the worse you may begin to look.

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