Blu-ray Discs Getting Bigger

Blu-ray Discs Getting Bigger

Blu-ray discs are 25GB to 50GB for single-layer discs and 50GB to 100GB for dual-layer discs. They’re about to get bigger.

As sister site Gizmodo points out, the Blu-ray Disc Association has kicked off 128GB discs for new specs, BDXL. These high capacity recordable and rewritable discs are currently for commercial usage. Meaning? Meaning you cannot play it on your current model PS3.

Another Blu-ray format is launching as well, the dual layer 25GB format IH-BD. One layer is for BD-ROM and the other is BD-RE, which is designed for viewing data.

Expect these format to make it into commercial players – one day!

Blu-ray Discs Increasing In Capacity To 128GB [Gizmodo][Pic]


    • OR Yay! More room to record professional grade uncompressed HD video (as mentioned in the story)

      And since when did the space used on a disc matter AT ALL in the video game world? I’d understand if you went after the sometimes shoddy framerate/textures or the fact that there can sometimes be a delay for PS3 releases of cross-platform games, hell, even the massive installs some games need, but disc space used!?

      If I need to justify my purchase of a PS3 its simple, I look at my collection of old school games, a collection I will be adding to until the day I die. I look at my 3RD Xbox 360, and realise once manufacturing of these stops, that’s it, I better make sure I’ve got backup consoles if I want to play my ‘classic’ 360 games. And then I look at my LAUNCH PS3, the console I have used almost non-stop over the last 3 years, and I know that giant 5kg beast is going to let me play Brutal Legend when I’m senile and incontinent, telling the nurses about the old days when I could ride the trolley for a thripity-pence.

    • These large format Blue-ray discs won’t run on a PS3, besides, most current games and movies fill a Blue-ray now, so your comment is null.

      • The reason many games fill a BR disc is because there is multiple copies of the game on the disc, to try and compensate for the inferior read/seek times of BR compared to DVD.

    • YAY! More room on my Blu Ray so my Final Fantasy comes on only one disc and they dont have to do really ugly compression on the video… unlike another console….

      but don’t worry, I am not justifying having a blu ray drive is an advantage in any way….

  • hmm, perhaps we’ll see another final fantasy or two on only one disc again? or maybe a new breed of mystery puzzle like RIVEN (5 discs on PSX), im the only one who wants this aren’t i….

    • No offence meant, mate, but the Myst series of games is basically graphics neutral. Their underlying designs are so stable that they don’t need HD graphics. You can play Riven on a NES and still have just as much fun.

  • Just got a brand new Samsung BD player. Do I need another upgrade to play the newer larger discs? or just a firmware update? (which the player can do automatically)

  • I think Sony adopting the blu-ray disc was a mistake, it made the console expensive and slow as hell, and the huge amount of space on the disc?, who actually makes a game that uses all that space?. Even if they did, disc swapping isn’t as annoying as Sony seems to think it is. I think Microsoft did the smarter thing by adopting the sure thing (DVD) because they could just add a Blu-ray adapter later on down the line.

    • You may wanna do some research there, true they can add a BluRay Player, but it cannot read games. All games for the 360 must be on a DVD9.

        • A) Microsoft will never add blu-ray to it’s current console
          B) Plenty of Blu-Ray movies and some games are filling up Blu-Ray Discs
          C) Ever played an Xbox 360 game (or Wii game) and seen a low quality intro movie/cut scene/video etc..yeah plenty of times and that’s because they are compressing it to save space because there ain’t much of it…not saying it doesn’t happen on PS3 either, but that’s due to lazy developers.
          D) In time none of this will matter because Digital Distribution will be king…just need the faster internets…FTTP anyone?

          • I think they are screwed anyway. I backed HD-DVD and when it lost, I did not see the sudden rush to BluRay as everyone was saying. If anything, I think everyone (excluding me) went back to DVD because the rediculous price of disks and players.

            Also, Sony shot themselves in the foot when they went for BluRay. The drafting of its specifications was still incomplete when the made the console.

            Then again, as I have said, I backed HD-DVD, so what would I know?

          • The victory of BR over HD-DVD is proof that stupidity and fanboyism always wins. The willingness of people to accept more expensive discs and region locking all for the sake of being in love with Sony is something history will look back and laugh on…

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