Building A Friendlier And Safer Wii Gun

1) Don't call this thing you use to go hunting on the Wii a gun, even if you hold it like one. 2) Don't make it look like one either.

Those are some of the notes that the creators of the "hunting controller" for the early June Wii game Bass Pro Shops The Hunt worked with while developing a peripheral for the virtual animal-shooting experience. The game's Chip Pederson, who demoed The Hunt for Kotaku in New York City yesterday explained that Nintendo prefers that gun-controllers for the Wii aren't called gun controllers (the Wii-maker's own is called the Zapper). And stores and mums, Pederson said, would prefer the thing doesn't even look like a gun.

So we've got the sci-fi looking rifle instead, an unusual gaming peripheral that lets players take aim at virtual deer in a game that is otherwise largely built for authenticity. (Consider that this first-person shooter, you lower your gun when you run, a hunting standard if not a video game one.)

As you can see in the video, the Wii's Remote and Nunchuk are embedded in the casing, allowing players to feel the shape and heft of a hunting rifle, if not the kick.

The Strike's gun controller may look odd, but it's hard to object to this type of design in light of a recent tragedy that involved a Wii gun controller that looked like a real gun.


    I think it looks kinda cool. Looks something like the laser rifle from Fallout 3. Similair shape, anyhow - the similarity ends there. Oh, and they both fire "lasers", but one kills, the other doesnt.

    I'll let you guess which is which.

    All this pretending, just shoot somebody for real, I know ya all what to.

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