Bungie Delivers Surprise Morning Package

Imagine my surprise when a FedEx man left a package from Bungie, marked to be delivered first thing this morning, the day their 10-year publishing agreement with Activision was unveiled.

Slicing through the brown packing tape, I discovered a black Pelican case coiled in bubble wrap. Inside?

Popping it open I discovered inside what looked to be a military grade electric clipper with Halo Reach printed on the front. Just unfortunate timing, it seems.


    Hey Brian Crecente, If you don't need the case anymore... I could take it off your hands. Looks like a good camera case.

    I'll take the clippers, my hair and beard are getting a little out of control.

    i'd love the clippers... i'd tease my hair with it saying "oh? you wanna be groomed? NO! this is halo... no grooming for you soldier..."

    Well, that looks completely awesome. Don't know why I'd need it, but it looks awesome :P

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