Bungie Lets Its Inner Fan Shine In Halo Reach's Carnàge Carnivàle

In this latest video documentary for Halo Reach, Bungie developers discuss the features of the upcoming multiplayer beta with the same sort of enthusiasm you'd see from a bunch of guys hanging out at a game store.

Designer and Kotaku alum Luke Smith and engineering lead Luke Timmins in particular display a level of enthusiasm for Halo Reach multiplayer that borders on fanboyism. Normally I'd find that annoying, but when it's the guys creating the game doing it, it's quite heartening. When your game's biggest fans are on the development team, everybody wins.


    This just makes me smile! :)

    And i'm loving the 'weird' guy. The one that reminds me of this actor called 'Kieran Mulroney'.

    He looks almost exactly like him and speaks the way i've seen him act in some shows. Hilarious! He just gets totally lost in the moment and just speaks to fast - for me, i reckon he was a Halo fan before a Bungie employee and just 'living the life'.

    Bungie's ViDocs do a brilliant job not only showing off features, giving away information - but also making the thing seem like it's exciting and fun. Love it, really looking forward to May. :)

    Loved the look of that neck-snap assassination towards the end

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