Bungie's First Post-Halo Game Coming To All Platforms

Bungie's ten-year publishing agreement with Activision will bring the next game from the famed-developers of Xbox 360 exclusive Halo to all platforms.

"Today we are very proud to announce a ground breaking ten year partnership between Bungie, one of the greatest developers in the world and the makers of Halo, with Activision, the number one video game publisher, who will bring the new intellectual property to fans worldwide across all platforms," said Thomas Tippl, Chief Operating Officer of Activision Blizzard.

The deal, termed an "alliance" by both Bungie and Activision executives, took nearly a year to lock down, Tipple said.

"We are always looking at opportunities to bring great games to gamers world wide there are very few studios in the world of the calibre of Bungie, with the track record of making great games that sell," he said. "As such we began discussions with Bungie about nine months ago..."

More details on the news this morning that Bungie has signed a ten-year publishing deal with Activision can be found here.

Harold Ryan, president of Bungie, said the deal will allow the "alliance" to bring their next game and "universe" to the widest audience possible.


    Figured that'd be the case. It seemed the only reason they'd sign with Activision instead of staying with Microsoft.

    Anyway, as long as doing so doesn't cause bad blood with Microsoft, and the game is good, I'm cool.

    That's two big 'ifs' though :P

    This is good considering that Bungie is still independent, and that Activision give them the good ol' 3 years for development.

    There is a lot of potential in Bungie for making a kick-ass game, with Activision publishing, and is a good choice, rather than say EA.

      In the past I would've agreed with you, but the modern era EA has more than shown it's willing to support and push independant developers with new IP's far more than Activision has.

    Microsoft own the rights to halo now hence why 343 studios was made.... you wont see Halo 4 for ps3

    They'll gut the studio like they did Infinity Ward. Then they'll crawl back to MS who have been nothing but awesome for them. This is a sad day in gaming, folks.

      As mentioned in the post, Bungie remain an independent studio. Activision have no power at all to "gut" them.

        Besides, Activision didn't gut the studio, at least not directly. They chose to fire 2 people (albeit 2 very influential people), and then a ton of Infinity Ward staff chose to jump ship to Respawn Entertainment. While Activision certainly gave them some good reasons to do so, the choice was their own.

    Ehg, Activision... no company is better at absolutely sucking the life out of talented developers than they are. They should have known better... Bungie would have created someting remarkable, but now you can pretty much be sure that the game will be a plain as hell modern war shooter.

      Knowing Bungie I'm sure they won't have gone into this without a lot of discussions on whether or not they will be allowed to do their own thing. Seeing as they are remaining independent I don't see any reason why they won't be able to. I trust that they made the right choice, even if I don't personally like activision myself.

    There is a good interview with Brian Jarrard at Eurogamer. It sheds a little more light on the deal, and maybe inspires a little bit of confidence. It's a pretty rare partnership, and I think we're all reacting based on our impressions of the Harmonix & Infinity Ward deals, which didn't start out like this. I guess we can only wait and see.

    I have been playing bungie's games from Pathways into Darkness. Bungie survives publishing deals. Halo isn't their first epic series, it won't be their last. This is a good deal for bungie, no matter what happens, you can bet that bungie will maintain the rights to do whatever they want next.

    is it just me, or is activision getting a heap of crap lately due to the infinity ward fiasco?

      Activision's getting a heap of crap because they're the new EA. They're the ones building death stars and crushing the hopes of smaller, independent developers. EA, on the other hand is surprisingly cool these days!

      I'm over Activision gouging and releasing thousands of Guitar Hero games etc, but they're not as bad as most people are making out (EA weren't a while ago either really). This stuff with IW is bad, but it won't have any impact on Bungie.

        *coughcough* until it comes to them having to pay royalties *cough*

        lol... im fairly certain that EA is still pumping out the sequels and gutting studios.

        The most recent one that comes to mind is Maxis, thats become sim factory. Will Wright has decided to leave it and create his own studio aswell.

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