Buy A Broke Boxer's GameCube

Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns was the first man to win titles in four different weight classes. That was more than 20 years ago. He's now in debt to the IRS, and his possessions are being auctioned to pay the bill.

Deadspin, in a whale of a downer post, found a number of lots whose prosaic nature speak to Hearns' destitution and the tragedy of his situation. One of them was a GameCube. Looking through the auction listing, there are several more Hearns-owned video game items, including, for some reason, three different PS2s.

The auction is this Saturday, at The Auction Block, 12660 Greenfield Rd., Detroit, Mich., in case you're in the neighbourhood and looking to bid on an old Xbox with an unusual and unfortunate history.

The 10 Saddest Items In Thomas "Hitman" Hearns's Police Auction [Deadspin]

True Driving Mad Catz Controller, compatible with PlayStation, PS2 and PS3.

PS2 slimline model "with power cable." Don't worry, it has an A/V cable too.

Standard-case PS2 with one controller.

GameCube with three controllers. Dunno if it has the other cables. Appears to be a game in the box but I can't see what.

Original Xbox with GameStop replacement controller.

Here's the big-value lot: A PS2 slim, controller, all the cables, two memory units, Jampack Vol. 13 and Enter the Matrix, plus carrying case.

PlayStation 3 and two controllers. Looks like it's the 60GB US launch model. Can't tell if those are DualShocks.


    That gamecube game looks like it could be Super Mario Sunshine. Maybe.

      Im pretty sure the disc in the cube is SSX Tricky. One of the best games known to man.

        Years ago (I think 4) I took part in the Nintendo Super Challenge, you'd go to the cinema and play games against other people on the movie screen. You win points then if you're good enough you go to the Grand Final.
        SSX Tricky was one of the games you had to compete in for the Grand Final.
        I had never played it.
        No one I knew had it.
        I couldn't rent it to practise.
        I played it at the Final and managed to get a respectable time having never played it before...but I still got eliminated.
        Damn you SSX Tricky. Damn you!

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