Buy Singularity, Get Prototype For Free

Raven Software's oft-delayed sci-fi shooter Singularity will get a little help from last year's open-world action adventure Prototype. Activision is giving away the latter if you purchase a copy of the Xbox 360 version of Singularity.

Whether that's a good sign for Singularity's chances for success is up to you, but for anyone planning on picking up the game - or had intentions of playing Prototype later than the rest of us - it's not a deal that one should question. Activision reps say the offer applies on to the Xbox 360 version and runs for a limited time.

So, buy Singularity on June 29, get a free copy of Prototype in the mail. Are you interested?


    Already have prototype, so... no.

    Aren't Raven the people who did the awesome Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast?

    already have prototype but ill give it to my gf brother cant wait for singularity i loved wolfenstein

    I never ended up getting Prototype, so woohoo!

    I was looking forward to Singularity last year but it kind of fell of my radar. Didn't get around to playing Prototype and if I got it free I still can't see me actually playing it.

    However, it has piqued my interest. Too bad I'll still be getting my fill from games released in May.

    What a lame incentive, i've still got the game. Why do they bother with these deals, if your going to give us a free game, at least make it a new release.

      Sup Denaz!

      I never got Prototype so I'm pretty happy with this, but a better deal would have been to have 2 or 3 games on offer. Could please a larger crowd that way.

      But still, don't want to look a gifthorse in the mouth!

        Agreed. For me prototype was one of those games I hired and played and would have liked to own but didn't have the money at the time. Along with Brutal Legend. The real question here is if can you buy Singularity from EB, send away for your copy of prototype, then return Singularity to EB within a week for a full refund.

          "The real question here is if can you buy Singularity from EB, send away for your copy of prototype, then return Singularity to EB within a week for a full refund."

          Sounds like a plan. But is this deal even in Australia?

    What's the catch?

      read the small print: activision gets your soul :P

      Is this a Xbox exclusive game, or is it just no love for the PS3 owners?


    Picked up [prototype] also in the past, so it's not a huge incentive for me...

    However, we all need to hold our horses... this is a US story, so we will need our good friend David Wildgoose to send word to Activision in AU to see if we are getting the same deal.

    May I also suggest that along with that question, a second question asking... "Not PS3 also? If "No", then what is up with that?"

    I don't think it is a good idea.
    Shoot me, but I haven't heard of Singularity, but if they are giving away Prototype then I assume they are from the same game developer. In that case, my burning question is whether the same 'lag' problems present in Prototype (which as far as I know have never been solved with a patch) will be present on Singularity?

      Lag problems? I didn't notice any, you mean in the controls? I never had any problems, there was the odd dodge in the wrong direction or at the wrong time, but that was more because they were using one button to do so much. I don't blame them though, there were a lot of actions to be put onto buttons and I think it all came together rather well.

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