Call Of Duty: Battle Of The Activision Logo

The courtroom drama unfolding over the Call of Duty franchise is in many ways big, and important, and heavy, but it's not entirely without petty crap. Take Modern Warfare 2's use (or, not) of the Activision logo, for example.

Seems that while a wrangle was going on behind the scenes prior to Modern Warfare 2's release, Infinity Ward decided to go and release the game without an Activision logo present. It's on the box, yeah, but not the actual game. Go on, fire up a copy, see if you can spot an Activision logo either while its booting up, or during the intro sequence.

Even when Activision specifically requested for it to be included, as is the case with just about every other game ever released, Infinity Ward refused, instead only mentioning the company responsible for manufacturing and promoting the game in some small print.

So take sides in this battle all you want, just remember: when things get this petty, nobody comes out looking good.


    See this for many people such as me can be considered a good thing..... Maybe it's because I associate the Activision logo with pure evil.....

    to be honest, i never even noticed haha

    With unpaid royalties and the obvious boasting of Activision's desire to focus on nothing but money, I could feel the for heads of IW as the property that they have literally spent the last decade building, being taken and exploited and having a giant "YES ACTIVISION MADE THIS" written on it.

    Wow - well that's a point to Infinity Ward then - Activision has the most annoying logo on games at the moment - honestly a spinning logo??? It's incredibly sad and I always feel the need to skip past it.

    Having said that - was no-one at Activision able to add the logo to the game before it was pressed??

    If its in the contract..

    Pretty stupid thing to open yourself up to a broadside over. Still, in a court of law this dog may hunt, in a court of social opinion Activision can go to hell.

    If Activision are paying the bills and publishing the game then they have every right to have their logo displaying when the game is started.

    Yes I did indeed notice no Activision logo

    However what I love about MW2 the most is that once the game launches from the XMB I can be at the title screen in less than 5 seconds - name me another game where that happens?

    You can skip the IW logo, and the copyright/warning screen at the start of the game too... Moar of this plz

    Indeed- if its a contractual obligation to incorporate the logo then Activision has a right to complain. Even with all the gazillions of dollars revenue from disc sales and now DLC, its still Activision who released the game and paid for all the marketing, and a contract is a contract. Developing does not equal distributing.

    The bonus payments etc etc are another matter. I wonder who will star in the biopic- Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman are a little old now...

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