Capcom And Bungie News Smashes Into Kotaku 1am Wednesday

Don't forget to warm up your tubes and computer in preparation for tomorrow's mammoth day of gaming news.

Not only does Capcom's 2010 Captivate embargo lift, but Bungie's Halo Reach embargo lifts as well.

We were at both events, doing interviews, playing games, shooting pictures and videos. Tomorrow is going to be a day of massive news, interviews and previews. You're not going to want to miss it.

The whole shebang kicks off at 9am Kotaku time. (That's April 21, 1am AEST)

Be there or be unfortunately uninformed.


    New Phoenix pls...? *looks around, feels alone*

    More Dead Rising info!

    C'mon Capcom, take me for a ride already!

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