Capcom Apologises For Not Telling Users Of Final Fight DRM

Capcom acknowledged that copy protection in the PS3 version of Final Fight: Double Impact requires an always-on Internet connection to play the game, and apologised that a notice of such DRM was not given at the time of purchase.

PS3 users who downloaded the bundle of 1990s arcade classics noticed that the game quits completely if the console loses its connection to the PlayStation Network - whether in single- or multiplayer. Capcom faced outrage over the restriction on its own community forums.

In a statement today, the publisher apologised "for the issues consumers are having". But the solution it is working on with Sony Computer Entertainment America involves providing notice of the DRM in the game's description page on the PlayStation Store in North America and Asia, not removing it.

"The DRM requirements for Final Fight: Double Impact are not unique to this release," Capcom said. "This protection mechanism has been implemented in numerous games offered on the PlayStation Store before." Capcom did not respond immediately to a follow-up question asking what previous games required a constant connection.

Earlier this week, however, a user on an IGN forum posted a response he said came from a Capcom admin responding to his complaint. The admin said the DRM was a "limitation of the Sony network" and its inclusion on Final Fight: Double Impact was meant "to combat the rampant 'PSN Sharing' that has been going on over the last year".

"We are not committed to do this with all titles moving forward but the only way to evaluate impact was to try it with one title first," the admin wrote.


    if i new this i wouldn't of got this - not rushing out to get any more capcom games

    Wow... Instant no-buy for me then.

    Sorry Capcom, for not living in a metro area where a constant, stable connection is the norm - guess that automatically makes me a filthy pirate.

    And here I was, looking forward to BUYING Re-armed 2...

    Why the god dam,n hell is this shitty DRM on the fucking PS3?

    Well, you can just go and get f*cked if you think I'm gonna buy this now, Capcom. Sure in the short term it only won't work if my 'net connection goes south (bad enough), but what about in five or six years when the PSN as we know it is turned off? Just a pile of wasted bytes.


    DRM is completely acceptable and the best method of protecting the PC industry from a horrible end at the hand of pirates. If companies don't use DRM then they'll be forced to turn to consoles for releases.


    Wait, what platform are we talking about again?



      Bet a few of those console fanboys now wish they'd joined in objecting when PC gamers had to put up with this rubbish, instead of rofl'ing.

    Firstly, DRM on a console? Wow, Capcom. Wow.

    Secondly, if this was a store-bought game, one would deserve a refund. This, however? No refunds on DLC.

    Actually, in Australia, one could spout the law at the PSN and Capcom, because one is legally allowed a refund if what they bought isn't what they wanted.

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