Chrono Trigger Figures From Six Months In The Future

Crono and crew come to life in this series of four Chrono Trigger Formation Arts Trading Figures from Square Enix, now available for preorder from Entertainment Earth.

Crono, Frog, Lucca, Robo, Ayla and Magus leap into action in this series of Chrono Trigger dioramas, capturing the spirit of the classic role-playing game that deserves a spot atop any best games of all time list. The only thing missing is Marle, and Marle was a bit of a pain in the arse anyway, wasn't she?

Though fans of the Chrono series would much rather have a new game than a bunch of tiny statues, at least this proves the franchise is on the mind of someone in Square Enix-ville, right?

Entertainment Earth just put the set up for preorder for $US39.99, with a release date of October 2010. Knowing how preorders work at EE, I'd strongly suggest getting in the queue early.

Chrono Trigger Formation Arts Trading Figures [Entertainment Earth]


    I liked Marle...

    These things look awesome, I want one.

    omfg droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Hehehe, Lucca is messing around with Robo's brain.

    holy moses on a popsicle!!!

    Must have magus and chrono!

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