Clash Of The Titans' Perseus Does It As A Man

I'm going to try to get through this entire post regarding this gameplay trailer for the new Clash of the Titans video game without mentioning God of War once. Oh dammit.

Instead of focusing on the similarities between Sony's franchise and the Clash of the Titans franchise, the first film of which served as inspiration for the God of War series, instead we'll focus on Perseus' little tagline at the end. "I do this as a man." You see, Clash of the Titans is all about Perseus getting ticked off about the gods meddling in the affairs of mortals. Seeing as his father is Zeus, the king of the gods, you can see where that would cause a bit of a conflict. So when Perseus declares, "I do this as a man," he's only half-right.

Oh I can't stand it!

God of War, God of War, God of War. Phew, I feel much better now.

So, anyone catch the movie yet? Worth seeing?


    I've seen it. I think it's definitely worth checking out - particularly if you remember the 1981 original.

    At first i was like yeh... then i was like zomg now im like meh

    havent seen the film, will prob watch in 2d as i heard 3d doesnt offer ... much.

    Saw the movie in 3D and it was average.
    Sam Worthington only had paragraph of dialogue and it mostly consisted of "I'm just a man".
    And the Kraken fight was a big disappointment.

      Amen to alladat

    Worth seeing if you're anyone outside Australia. Once you recognize that accent, it's impossible to turn it off and you realise you're watching half a dozen Americans doing English accents and one Australian playing Greek dress-ups.

    i really liked it. saw in in 2D because ive heard the 3D is poor. A lot of people didnt like it. Up to the individual i suppose.
    had lots of action and awesome special effects. although a lot of people didnt like sam worthington in it i thought he was fine.

    Kraken 'battle' - Biggest movie letdown of the year so far for me. "F##K YEAH giant tentacles ravaging the city and- oh, its just a giant snapping turtle who dies in about 2 seconds"

    On the plus side though, Hades was simply fantastic

    Bah. I can't expect much from the game given how bad the movie was.
    And yes, don't watch it in 3D. It was originally filmed in 2D and then converted to 3D thanks to the Avatar hype so there really isn't much 3D to it.

    awful awful movie saw it yesterday. hated all of it and i was high. would rather play god of war for 2 hours than sit through that cliche hollywood tripe again.

      You were high... I wish we could all be as cool as you :)

    its ok, you could prob wait for dvd tbh.

    enjoyed it, wasnt wow'd or anything.

    3d did add some but not much. they didnt take into account the fundamentals of 3d film and the movie wasnt made for 3d, it was later rendered.

    things like your brain taking 2 seconds to sort out the 3d image in your head and them having lots of quick shots and not enough sustained shots.
    general shiz like that.

    A slightly different look at the film:

    Movie was awful, the only reason I decided to check it out was because it was in 3D and hadn't seen a 3D movie yet, the 1981 original is superior, this had bad acting and the medusa and kraken scenes were just plain bad.

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