Club Nintendo Updates With New Games, New Goods

Members of the North American version of Club Nintendo can start blowing those coins they've been saving up on new goods, including two new video games exclusive to the program, a new Game & Watch Collection.

Game & Watch Collection 2 packs in an impressive three whole Game & Watch games into a single Nintendo DS card, Octopus and Parachute, originally released in 1981, plus Parachute X Octopus, which Nintendo describes as "a brand new Game & Watch title that combines both Octopus and Parachute and takes place in the sea." That Club Nintendo exclusive is yours for just 800 coins.

For the less wealthy Club Nintendo member, Nintendo also has new Mario posters up for purchase. The three pack of posters ships to you for a mere 350 coins, certain to liven up any dorm room or locker.

Finally, the previously mentioned Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! is also now available to download via WiiWare. 80 Club Nintendo coins grants you access to a download code.

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Club Nintendo Rewards [Nintendo]


    I just checked the Australian Club Nintendo site and it's been updated with more items.

    There's now a:
    Mario Pen Case: 1250 Points
    Bowser Folder Set that comes with some Bookmarks: 800 Points - although the folder looks more like a pair of christmas cards.
    There's also some Peach and Mario ones of the same kind.
    And Mario Playing cards: 1500 Points

    Still fails in comparison to what people in the US are getting >.>

    It's good that they added some more stuff at least. I'm just 50 points of being able to get that Nintendo DS game case and stylus set!

    Some posters on the AU site would be nice. Anyone know if we're likely to see them here?

    I want them to combine parachute, octopus and fire.

    Yeah, I'm still not convinced about Club Nintendo here. Not enough stuff on there, and it's mostly rubbish in comparison to the US. Still, I guess it's good for nothing - just could be better is all.

    Let it be known I got 450 Stars for signing up an account and game at the same time.
    I think the game itself was 200 Stars worth.
    The good items on there cost 1200 or so.
    Quite a few games before you get anything noteworth, IMO.

    please reply to this!

    I have bought those mario folders and bookmarks from the aussie cn obviously, and I wonder is it free for them to ship it here to new zealand?

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