Comcast Isn't Just The Worst Internet Provider Anymore

After years of throttled internet and bad customer service earning it a reputation as the worst internet provider in America, Comcast scores a golden poo as's 2010 Worst Company in America. I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

Every year, the Consumerist pits some of the worst companies in the country against each other in a knock-down, drag-out fight to see which deserves to be called the absolute worse. Companies like Bank of America, Ticketmaster and Cash4Gold fought admirably this year, but ultimately the reader vote and coveted prize went to the company that's paved the way for other internet providers to screw us senseless for years to come.

"The match-ups witnessed in this year's tournament were intense," said Ben Popken, Co-Managing Editor of "Never did we think we would see certain companies, like Apple go as far as they did, and others like last year's winner AIG, drop out in the first round. We are honoured to provide Comcast with the Golden Poo Award."

If you weren't able to participate in this year's voting, don't fret. You can still read through the gripping tale by clicking the link below, and see for yourself why Comcast deserved this award more than any other company this year.

Congratulations, Comcast! I'd send you an e-card or something, but I need to watch my bandwidth, jerks.

Consumerists' Worst Company In America [Consumerist]


    Comcast was a good company for me. I never had problems for them but their customer service needs some work. As a new employee with DISH I have heard a lot for things going around. I do now have DISH service and it's wonderful! I recently subscribed to the application for the TV everywhere which I know Comcast is doing as well. I looked in to the Comcast everywhere for a friend of mine to see the difference between DISH and Comcast. Turns out with Comcast it's only everywhere in your home not outside your home. As for DISH it is everywhere from a doctor's office to a train station that you can watch LIVE TV from your IPhone or even laptop.

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