Crackdown 2 Is Kind Of A Sausage Party

Ruffian Games' sequel to Xbox 360 hit Crackdown will feature scores of mutants and highly customisable playable agents, but one thing it won't feature is the option to play as a female.

Crackdown 2, like the first, is a dudes only affair, according to Ruffian Games' creative director Billy Thomson. He tells 1UP that in order to include the option to play as the fairer sex, "we would've needed to massively reduce other sections of the game."

That's a unfortunately familiar story for those of us who prefer to play less butch, when given the chance. (What about it?)

For the Crackdown 2 player who was planning on doing their sandbox-style shooting as a fella anyway, the good news is that Ruffian "gave the player as much customisation as we could on the male character and that allowed us to use that extra memory to do other things in the game."

The sequel still affords players the opportunity to run into at least one important female protagonist, however, who the developers tease will become "very important for Crackdown as a franchise."

Sorry, Ladies: No Female Avatars in Crackdown 2 [1UP]


    Umm who cares?! Seriously.. c'mon!
    And i really don't feel for the whole "It should be an option or a choice at the very least" lame excuse.

    Sometimes a particular game just doesn't need a female (or male in some cases) option for their characters.

    I will NEVER play Mass Effect as a woman. NOW.. Bioware have carefully used that option cleverly. For example being a woman opens different dialogue and relationships with other characters. Other than that - pointless!
    I ain't no "If i play as a female i feel a little gay" but a female woman who goes around the galaxy fighting bad guys blah blah blah doesn't sound very believable to me. Perhaps a female going around the galaxy using politics...

    But seriously female character in Crackdown... stupid! Anyway, the characters aren't memorable. It's all about the action and the graphics and destroying things...

    I don't see the lack of having a female character as an option affects a game anyway and it wouldn't hurt sales in anyway. As long as the game is good or fun, who gives a crap!

      Not sexist at all now are we? Where did you get your gender politics from? 20th Century Saudi Arabia?

      Its important because there are female players who would like to act out their own gender, gaming isn't a boys only club.

      "female woman"


      Holy crap, are you really trying to sound as stupid as you are sounding?

      Firstly, I do not understand why you feel a female human saving the universe is any less credible than a male human saving the universe.

      But back to Crackdown.. Why is it stupid to have female supercops as well as male supercops?

      Who gives a crap? Perhaps, just a guess, female gamers who are sick of being ignored and fucked over by the industry with bullshit excuses like "we can't afford a female model, oh, but we spent heaps of time and effort on the male model". If I was a female gamer, I would be pretty frustrated at all these games that just pretend females don't exist.

      Also, If Crackdown 2 is like Crackdown 1, then it will have female enemies. So it is okay to kill females, but it isn't okay to be one?

      Yes, Crackdown is all about the action and no, it won't affect sales. But that doesn't make it right. Nor does it make it any less offensive to all the female gamers out there.

    oh LOL. How much of a can of Whoopass is this going to open...

    Brendan raises a very valid point; the game will have female NPCs, female NPC enforcers even, so the female skeleto-muscular modelling work for the engine has already been done, meaning that the "extra memory" excuse is an obvious crock. It's a matter of Dev priorities.

    If they thought it was important they would implement it, but they clearly don't, even with this 'bad press' they're getting.

    This particular bunch have prioritised modelling realistic minivans over the risk of alienating the other half of the population, whom I feel we really should be trying to include and encourage wherever possible.

    We've got to ask ourselves:

    1. Do we want more girl gamers, to support our industry and enhance our social enjoyment of gaming?

    2. Do we value their perspective?

    I know I wouldn't be happy if every game automatically forced me into a female avatar, how is this any different?

    For folk like the first poster, I'll let flight of the conchords try to explain where this issue is headed if the status quo remains:

    As I understand it, the sheer number of polygons, bones, vertexes, animations, and textures required for a player character is significantly more than for an NPC in most games. Adding a second player character is a lot more than just making an NPC playable, regardless how it might seem to an outsider.

    Given the penchant for marketing to want to be able to say ".. and you also have access to 20 more ...", I'd say we can safely assume that if it had been easy to do, they would have done it, simply to be able to claim it was "more betterer" on the box.

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