Crysis 2 Trailer: Big Apple, Nice Buns

There was a big Crysis 2 event in New York earlier today, the pinnacle of which was this debut of a new trailer for the game.

If you're wondering "why New York", remember, the game is set in new York. That and the trailer draws heavily on 9/11 imagery.

Crysis 2 will be released later this year, on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC.


    If you pay attention at the end there is a URL for a website,, this takes you to a countdown for what seems like a Crysis 2 announcement!

    i would hardy call that a trailer its like calling walking around for 5min gameplay it just isnt

    Oh hey! Good to see you again Mad World trailer!

    Is there anywhere I can see this in better quality?

    Underwhelming trailer is underwhelming.

    heh, its funny, everyone like "oh, graphics have got as good as they can, I can't notice it any more, there is no point worrying about it any more"

    and yet all promos and trailers for games are still offline pre-rendered...

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