Crysis Creator Wishes Apple Was More Enthusiastic About Computer Gaming

Cevat Yerli makes big video games for Windows PCs and now consoles. He owns a Mac, but his studio doesn't make games for them. Apple, he said, doesn't try hard to get games.

Crysis 2, the next game from his studio Crytek, is coming to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Not to Mac computers, as is standard for so many big games.

"If Apple would really push then we would probably think about it," he told Kotaku on the topic of bringing Crysis 2 to Mac. "Any time we talk to Apple, they're like 'Yeah we're excited but then they pull back. I just [sense]a lack of enthusiasm about Apple for this.'"

Yerli added that, as far as Crytek is concerned, porting to Mac is "not a priority", in part because the don't have the time to do it.

It would help, it seems, if Apple wanted it. The creator of Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads is increasingly chest-beating about the games on its portable devices - and with the popularity of gaming on the iPhone to prove it - but on its computers? Not really at all.

Apple has not been pushing enough on this.


    With a main audience thats docile, I don't see why Apple should bother.

    Yeah but seriously, the price of mac's compared to pc - the only people that can afford a mac genuinely capable of keeping up with specs necessary for, say, a new Crysis game aren't usually the ones interested in gaming. For the majority of mac owners, buying a game on mac instead of a pc would be like buying a cross platform game on wii instead of xbox/ps3.

      You're 100% right apart from the fact that I played the first Crysis on my Mac. Only thing was I had to boot into Windows.

    Well hopefully the steam on mac thing will increase interest, its not going to happen overnight.

    I guess Mac already have such a large portion of the casual games market... and the social/facebook gaming market can be reached from any device, they don't really care about the hardcore.

    Unfortunately this is how the industry is breaking it down now,

    Casual and social gaming = new, popular, growing, cheap to produce, excellent return on investment.

    Hardcore AAA gaming = restrictively expensive to produce, only going to be become more expensive, old fashioned, stagnant market full of whining older nerds.

    Now these aren't my opinions, but just take a guess which one of those two areas Mac wants to put itself.

    I sell Apple systems for a living, so I think it's a perfect thing to say that Apple don't try to push for games on the Mac. I think they don't see the benefit of going into an area that is already established on the Windows platform. In saying this, I'm sure I read that Valve had help from Apple in bring their library of games to the Mac, so if Apple are willing to assist Valve, they may be starting to get interested in the Mac for games.

    In terms of the performance for the Mac, I've just bought a new i5 iMac with the Radeon 4850 graphics card, and it runs really nicely, one thing I do notice however is that when I'm running Windows 7 is that it writes to the hard drive a lot more than OS X, which gives the impression that things are running more smoothly on OS X.

    Last point, I know that people still consider the Mac to be too costly, and for a hard core games machine it is, if however you compare the iMac to some of the brand name PC's Dell, HP, they aren't too bad, but I'm not going to say they are the cheapest, because that would be lying.

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